Edgar Peer

was born in Graz 1962, studied classical guitar and jazz guitar
at the University for music in Graz, AUSTRIA.

Edgar Peer has always had a soft corner and inclination towards music
and has been actively pursuing his passion since he was 10 years old.
He vividly remembers his first guitar teacher Mr. Armin Pokorn.

Over the years pursuing  his education in music he was exposed
to the likes of Heinz Irmler, Joe Pass, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Harry Pepl
and many more legends...

His musical bandwidth is diverse and his current portfolio extends from
classical guitar to jazz, rock, fusion up to experimental music. His work
also includes CD productions, movie soundtracks, fashion show soundtracks,
live gigs and much more.
Edgar Peer is also specialized in playing MIDI-Guitar and in fact he was
one of the first guitarists who synchronized his Guitar to movies in real-time!

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